Version 3.1 of WWF Suggestor for iOS

New version with support for iPhone5 has been supported to Applestore.

Wordr Suggestor Version 3.0 for iOS available

The new version should be available in the appstore. Hope you like it.

Version 3.0 for iOS submitted

The new version of the WWF Suggest for iOS has been submitted to the app store and hopefully within a few weeks it will available, as mentioned this will fix some pending issues with iOS 5.x

iOS 5.x issues

WWF Suggestor in some cases it seems does not store your login/password. Currently due to circumstances, we did not have time to investigate this matter, however we are hoping to release a new version during august, which will probably also fix this issue.

The new version will have cool functionality where you can choose which letters to use or skip for finding matches on the board. 

Server upgrade

Due to a database server upgrade, it is possible that the search engine could be unavailable for a period of 15 minutes in the next 2 days.

Apologies for any inconveniences.

Wordr Helper for WordFeud version 2.3 for iOS

I have been receiving quite of remarks that the search in Wordr for iOS is giving a lot of connection failed errors. This is due to the fact the back end server was heavily loaded (especially in peak time like in the evenings).

A new version is waiting for approval by Apple which hopefully will resolve these issues, as I have added an additional (new) back end server. The application will load balance between them, hopefully resolving the connection failed issues.


Wordr Wordfeud Suggestor and Helper 2.2

Also the Wordr WFS is out. Hopefully this fixes the issue of empty game list some users where having and fixes issues with iOS 5.

Wordr Helper for WordFeud version 2.2 for iOS

The new version of wordr helper for iOS has just been approved and released to the appstore by Apple. This version fixes some issues on iOS 5

Wordr Android 3.7 feature

I just saw a comments that showing a purple color while winning probably would be a bug.

Actually it is not. If the difference in the score is less then 10 points, it will show the correct text, however with a purple color (tie color). I implemented this feature because having a small difference in the score with your opponent is not actually “Winning” or “Losing”, but that you are ahead this time. It gives me a quick view on showing the games that are close in scoring.

Please let me know your thoughts and whether this feature should stay?

Wordr for Android version 3.7 released

Just released a new version for Android, which fixes the empty game list for some users. Also updated the color of the winning/losing/tie section. When you are winning or losing with less then 10 points it will show the tie color.

Hope this will fix some recent issues some users where having.

Have fun!